Testimonial of Jacques Bérubé from Labatt Breweries

Testimonial of Pierre Ouellette from Orica Canada


Lauren's Sugar & Spice

I am a new customer of Mitchel Lincoln, and the experience I had receiving pallets was a very good one. The driver was very pleasant and very courteous. You find this less and less these days. He unloaded the order, and he helped find a good place to put them, and while they are very heavy went out of his way to bring them to the best possible spot. His job is very laboursome and still he worked with a smile and made me feel at ease accepting such a large order. I was very pleased with my experience!

Lauren Urbanowich  


Attached is your OTD report for the month of August. Congratulations! Your score for the month is 100% with 26 of 26 orders being delivered on time. Thank you for your continued support.

Donna Allen  


You are, by far, my best supplier customer service person ever…Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing It’s not over yet but we’re getting close…Only 98 sleeps left. Hopefully my next job will have Mitchel Lincoln as a supplier



I am so very fortunate to have top notch suppliers like you who make it their business to keep me happy! A HUGE thank you to your entire team for getting me the partial shipments I needed on this order. Had you not done this I would have had to stop production. Never a good thing ! Customers are very used to complaining all the time, but we should also appreciate the added effort and say thank you accordingly as well. So in the spirit of thanksgiving, I am VERY thankful for Mitchel Lincoln !


The Allan Candy Company

"Hi Rosie, If it weren’t for you, we’d still be in deep trouble. Keep doing your great job; you are a relief for a customer. I loved working with you and who knows; maybe our paths will cross again someday."

Diana Gavrila