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No, we make 100% customized packaging solutions for each project. Reach out and one of our sales representatives will help set you up with exactly what you need!

Yes, absolutely! Once your project is underway we will make sample boxes for testing and your approval to make sure that what we’re producing is the perfect answer to your needs!

Mitchel Lincoln is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. We are proud to be FSC® certified under FSC-STD-40-004 Chain of Custody Certification. We are proud to offer boxes which are made from 100% recycled fibers to its customers. Using recycled fibers lowers the amount of greenhouse gases which would had been emitted should the boxes have been made of virgin fibers; it also helps to save our forests from needless cutting. By using recycled fibers in their boxes, our customers are important contributors in the sustainability of our planet, and as such, we provide recognition plaques to display on their premises that quantify their positive environmental impact and raise awareness.

No, we can produce an order of any size! One of the benefits of being fully-integrated is that we’re agile enough to provide short run, quick turnaround solutions for our smaller customers while at the same time we’re set up to effectively and efficiently manage large accounts.

Yes, our technical design and creative teams are available to help with designing the optimal product and creative for each project.

Yes, our standard is to provide pricing FOB to your location.

Mitchel Lincoln is proud to serve you using its own modern, well-maintained fleet consisting of 50 trucks and 350 trailers. Our real-time tracking system allows us to assign deliveries to drivers efficiently, assess our performance and continually track our trucks and equipment. We also have partnerships with outside carriers in order to respect our commitment to our customers: “On Time, As Ordered”. If you prefer to pick up your own products, that can be arranged as well.

This depends on many different variables, such as the weight of the box, how much weight is going on top of the bottom box, does the product inside offer any support, are there temperature and humidity conditions that need to be considered, how is the product being shipped and stored? Our technical design team will be able to help determine the best test and flute options for each project!

Check out our contact page for the request form and contact info for all new orders!

We primarily serve the Quebec and eastern Canada / US regions. That said, along with our partners at Atlantic Packaging, we’re able to service the needs of customers across the country.

Our customers range from large food and beverage manufacturers, to small independent businesses. We’re proud to serve a multitude of customers across a variety of markets and have the necessary certifications to do so.

Our standard quote turnaround time is two business days.