New Product Alert: T-Flute

As industry leaders in innovation and sustainability, we’re always looking for ways to amplify our product offering in a way that will meet our customer's needs and reduce the environmental impact of our projects. Hello, T-Flute!

Launched in late 2018, T-Flute is Mitchel Lincoln’s hybrid Flute option; designed to replace the more standard B-Flute. In addition to saving on warehousing space and therefore logistic costs, T-Flute is an optimal option for lightweight, high performance papers that will allow for improved printing quality over the more commonly offered B-Flute.

We’re excited to be able to introduce a product that will help reduce our carbon footprint by allowing us to put more products per pallet, therefore, permitting us to maximize van load quantities thus requiring less fuel to deliver to our customers. We are effectively working to build on the Mitchel Lincoln promise to make sustainable options available to all our customers for all projects.